Have you been contacted by a person claiming to be a court employee who states that you are not in compliance with an order of the court because you missed a court date or did not pay? Keep yourself safe from cyber criminals imitating court telephone numbers (“spoofing”) who demand payment! Anyone who receives a suspicious phone call should hang up and verify the status of their case using the NMCourts Case Lookup tool. You can also contact the court directly or call court customer service at: 855-268-7804. Remember: you can always see a Judge to address your outstanding issues.

January 23, 2023- CYFD v. Brandee M., No. A-1-CA-40706

January 19, 2023- State of New Mexico v. Tevyn Driever, No. A-1-CA-40601

January 19, 2023- Debra P. Vought v. San Juan County New Mexico, No. A-1-CA-39390

January 19, 2023- State of New Mexico v. Rickie J. Abeyta, No. A-1-CA-40259

January 18, 2023- Jansen Downs v. Eleanor Gooden, No. A-1-CA-39010

January 18, 2023- State of New Mexico v. Augustine Ray Proveaux Armijo, No. A-1-CA-40327

January 17, 2023- State of New Mexico v. Jose Hernandez, No. A-1-CA-40236

January 17, 2023- Helen Walker v. Carlsbad Medical Center, LLC, No. A-1-CA-40662

January 12, 2023- Lucy Gillies v. Odelia Healthcare LLC, No. A-1-CA-40679

January 12, 2023- Jason Pratz v. Lacey Potts, No. A-1-CA-40033

January 12, 2023- Emir Dini v. Deborah Romero, No. A-1-CA-40424

January 11, 2023- State of New Mexico v. Frances Frank, No. A-1-CA-38945

January 11, 2023- State of New Mexico v. Charlene Chapman, No. A-1-CA-40511

January 10, 2023- William C. Garcia Living Trust v. Arthur Ortega II, No. A-1-CA-40288

January 10, 2023- 21st Mortgage Corporation v. Raymond R. Romero, No. A-1-CA-40567

January 10, 2023- David B. Thompson v. Kinder Morgan, Inc., No. A-1-CA-40304

January 9, 2023- Eric Jones v. Becky Jones, No. A-1-CA-40587

January 9, 2023- CYFD v. Samantha E., No. A-1-CA-40647

January 4, 2023- CYFD v. Peter P., No. A-1-CA-40371

January 4, 2023- Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. v. Wong-Lin, Inc., No. A-1-CA-40612