Have you been contacted by a person claiming to be a court employee who states that you are not in compliance with an order of the court because you missed a court date or did not pay? Keep yourself safe from cyber criminals imitating court telephone numbers (“spoofing”) who demand payment! Anyone who receives a suspicious phone call should hang up and verify the status of their case using the NMCourts Case Lookup tool. You can also contact the court directly or call court customer service at: 855-268-7804. Remember: you can always see a Judge to address your outstanding issues.

January 31, 2023- CYFD v. Mario R., No. A-1-CA-40585

January 30, 2023- The Estate of Gregorita Sanchez v. Traci Martinez, No. A-1-CA-40494

January 30, 2023- State of New Mexico v. Tannis E. Elmore, No. A-1-CA-38282

January 30, 2023- Rene Orozco v. Board of County Commissioners of Sandoval County, A-1-CA-40246

January 30, 2023- Andras Szantho v. Peak Medical New Mexico No. 3, LLC, No. A-1-CA-40462

January 25, 2023- U.S. Bank National Association v. Eri Capital, Inc., No. A-1-CA-40533

January 25, 2023- State of New Mexico v. William R. Daniels, No. A-1-CA-40214

January 25, 2023- Nancy Oliver v. Josephine Franco, No. A-1-CA-40042

January 25, 2023- In the Matter of the Estate of Margaret C. Gonzales, No. A-1-CA-38811

January 25, 2023- Arnold Joseph Trujillo v. David Griego, No. A-1-CA-40441

January 25, 2023- Gregory B. Pack v. Northern Meadows Property Owners Association, Inc., No. A-1-CA-40571

January 25, 2023- Adam Candelaria v. Vroom Automotive, LLC, No. A-1-CA-40456

January 24, 2023- Yvonne Gott v. Robert Edward Gott, No. A-1-CA-39243

January 24, 2023- State of New Mexico v. Christopher Washington, No. A-1-CA-40794

January 23, 2023- State of New Mexico v. Paul John Matamoros, No. A-1-CA-38359

January 23, 2023- State of New Mexico v. Johnathon J. Martinez, No. A-1-CA-40330

January 23, 2023- Patricia Pedregon v. Titlemax of New Mexico Inc., No. A-1-CA-39466

January 23, 2023- Maria Enaje v. Jacob Vigil, No. A-1-CA-40555

January 23, 2023- Jesse Watson v. Addus Healthcare, Inc., No. A-1-CA-38913

January 23, 2023- Della Lobato v. Albuquerque Heights Healthcare, No. A-1-CA-40552