Have you been contacted by a person claiming to be a court employee who states that you are not in compliance with an order of the court because you missed a court date or did not pay? Keep yourself safe from cyber criminals imitating court telephone numbers (“spoofing”) who demand payment! Anyone who receives a suspicious phone call should hang up and verify the status of their case using the NMCourts Case Lookup tool. You can also contact the court directly or call court customer service at: 855-268-7804. Remember: you can always see a Judge to address your outstanding issues.

January 31, 2022- CYFD v. Rachel M.-D., No. A-1-CA-39571

January 31, 2022- Jacqueline Coleman-Rodriguez v. The Islands at Rio Rancho Homeowners Association, No. A-1-CA-39731

January 27, 2022- Starr Indemnity & Liability Company v. Abel A. Noguera, No. A-1-CA-38607

January 27, 2022- State of New Mexico v. Roberto Cortez, No. A-1-CA-38774

January 27, 2022- Stacy Nicole Stewart v. Jack Armondo Trevizo, No. A-1-CA-39855

January 24, 2022- State of New Mexico v. Curtis Abeyta, No. A-1-CA-39773

January 20, 2022- State of New Mexico v. Brenda Aguilar, No. A-1-CA-39195

January 19, 2022- AFSCME Local 923 v. City of Espanola, No. A-1-CA-38804

January 13, 2022- State of New Mexico v. Joseph Cummings, No. A-1-CA-38492

January 12, 2022- State of New Mexico v. Vivian Marquez, No. A-1-CA-37562

January 12, 2022- CYFD v. Rudy M., No. A-1-CA-39604

January 11, 2022- State of New Mexico v. John Radosevich, No. A-1-CA-38573

January 10, 2022- CYFD v. Dolores F., No. A-1-CA-39776

January 10, 2022- Catherine Conran v. Southern Sandoval County Arroyo Flood Control Authority, No. A-1-CA-39640

January 10, 2022- State of New Mexico v. Isaac Paul Managan, No. A-1-CA-38572

January 6, 2022- Stephanie C. Tellez v. Michael J. Dixson, No. A-1-CA-39995

January 6, 2022- State of New Mexico v. Kirk R. Benton, No. A-1-CA-39679

January 6, 2022- State of New Mexico v. Travis Gray, No. A-1-CA-39816

January 6, 2022- Jesse Lucero v. Board of Regents of the University of New Mexico, No. A-1-CA-39518

January 6, 2022- In the Matter of the Petition for Expungement of Darius Milo Warren, No. A-1-CA-39593