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Division of Appellate Court Attorneys

The Court of Appeals created the Division of Appellate Court Attorneys in 1975, and the Division, when fully staffed, consists of 17 employees:

  • A chief staff attorney
  • 2 supervisory staff attorneys
  • 13 associate staff attorneys
  • 1 administrative assistant

The Division maintains offices in Santa Fe and in Albuquerque. The Division can be contacted by telephone at 505-827-4875.

The Division of Appellate Court Attorneys assists the Court in screening all appeals for assignment to the Court’s summary and non-summary calendars. During the calendaring process, the Division’s staff attorneys provide the Court with calendar assignment recommendations, proposed notices of summary disposition, and proposed opinions. The Division also provides the Court with recommendations and proposed orders for applications for interlocutory appeals, petitions for writs of certiorari, and petitions for writs of error. In addition, the Division assists the Court with appeals assigned to a non-summary calendar by drafting proposed opinions or by preparing prehearing reports, which provide the Court with a comprehensive overview of the record and an analysis of the issues raised on appeal. The Division also assists with the annual orientation and training of new law clerks.