Sunset over the Rio Grande

Case Assignment to General Calendar

March 14, 2023- New Mexico Environment Department v. Water Quality Control Commission, No. A-1-CA-40799, WQCC, 22-33

March 14, 2023- Phillip Trujillo v. Roger Foster, No. A-1-CA-40743, Sandoval County, D-1329-CV-2021-00415

March 8, 2023- Sharon Wilton v. Management & Training Corporation, No. A-1-CA-40774, Otero County, D-1215-CV-2022-00075

March 7, 2023- Richard J. Valle v. New Mexico Department of Transportation, No. A-1-CA-40415, Bernalillo County, D-202-CV-2018-07244

March 3, 2023- Tiffany Hinsley v., LLC, No. A-1-CA-40298, Rio Arriba County, D-117-CV-2021-00030

March 3, 2023- Shaydle Mendoza v. Wal-Mart Stores East, L.P., No. A-1-CA-39997, Grant County, D-608-CV-2014-00107

March 1, 2023- State of New Mexico v. James Scharmack, No. A-1-CA-40895, Otero County, D-1215-CR-2019-00125

February 28, 2023- New Mexico Families Forward v. New Mexico State Ethics Commission, No. A-1-CA-40852, Bernalillo County, D-202-CV-2022-06262

February 28, 2023- James L. Arnold v. Forte Data Systems, Inc., No. A-1-CA-40480, Santa Fe County, D-101-CV-2017-01946

February 28, 2023- In Re: Sherri Trevino, No. A-1-CA-40386, Colfax County, D-809-CR-2020-00085

February 28, 2023- In Re: Sherri Trevino, No. A-1-CA-40358, Colfax County, D-809-CR-2021-00098

February 28, 2023- In Re: Sherri Trevino, No. A-1-CA-40356, Colfax County, D-809-CR-2019-00042

February 24, 2023- Bradley Ryan v. Edward Garrison II, No. A-1-CA-40792, San Juan County, D-1116-CV-2020-01100

February 24, 2023- State of New Mexico v. Billy Jimenez, No. A-1-CA-40496, Lea County, D-506-CR-2021-00492