Sunset over the Rio Grande

Case Assignment to General Calendar

February 21, 2024- Dennis Koehler v. State of New Mexico Motor Vehicle Division, No. A-1-CA-41594, Santa Fe County, D-101-CV-2023-01579

February 20, 2024- Gustavo Davila v. Milton Jeff, No. A-1-CA-41504, Dona Ana County, D-307-CV-2020-00916

February 20, 2024- Marshall Schroeder v. Southwest Home Inspections, Inc., No. A-1-CA-41430, Dona Ana County, D-307-CV-2023-00496

February 20, 2024- Ed Meintzer v. Board of County Commissioners of the County of Sandoval, No. A-1-CA-40756, Sandoval County, D-1329-CV-2018-01549

February 15, 2024- State of New Mexico v. Patrick James Woods, No. A-1-CA-41542, Dona Ana County, D-307-CR-2023-00115

February 15, 2024- State of New Mexico v. Frank Guerrero, No. A-1-CA-41510, Bernalillo County, D-202-LR-2023-00026, T-4-DW-2022-000348

February 15, 2024- Mark Johnson v. Pinos Altos Mutual Domestic Water Consumers Association, No. A-1-CA-41471, Grant County, D-608-CV-2020-00127

February 12, 2024- Amira Lewis v. Amina Salim, No. A-1-CA-41283, Bernalillo County, D-202-PB-2018-00147

February 12, 2024- Kelly Stout Sanchez, Esq. v. Elizabeth Peralta, No. A-1-CA-41168, Bernalillo County, D-202-CV-2020-05856

February 12, 2024- David Duran v. Grace Duran, No. A-1-CA-41162, Santa Fe County, D-101-CV-2020-00161

February 12, 2024- State of New Mexico v. Antonio Garcia, No. A-1-CA-41013, Colfax County, D-809-CR-2019-00009

February 7, 2024- Gino Schiavone v. Taos Therapeutic Massage, LLC, No. A-1-CA-41516, Taos County, D-820-CV-2020-00027

February 1, 2024- Suenos Grandes LLC v. Sonia S. Saiz, No. A-1-CA-41384, San Miguel County, D-412-CV-2023-00011

February 1, 2024- IMO Petition for Expungement for Christopher Thompson, No. A-1-CA-41067, Bernalillo County, D-202-EX-2022-00131

January 31, 2024- SM Energy Company v. Colgate Production, LLC, No. A-1-CA-41055, Santa Fe County, D-101-CV-2018-02558

January 30, 2024- State of New Mexico v. Anthony West, No. A-1-CA-41239, Roosevelt County, D-911-CR-2021-00022

January 29, 2024- State of New Mexico v. Jesse Deherrera, No. A-1-CA-41154, Cibola County, D-1333-CR-2021-00102

January 29, 2024- Thomas Ray Newsome, Jr. v. Centurion Correctional Healthcare of New Mexico, LLC, No. A-1-CA-41136, Bernalillo County, D-202-CV-2019-04184

January 29, 2024- Sheila Gibbens v. Alamo Title Insurance, No. A-1-CA-41507, Sandoval County, D-1329-CV-2020-01547

January 29, 2024- Matthew J. Channon v. KRQE-TV, No. A-1-CA-41427, Bernalillo County, D-202-CV-2016-02267