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May 29, 2020- Southwest Organizing Project v. Bernalillo County Board of County Commissioners, No. A-1-CA-38742, Bernalillo County, D-202-CV-2018-09049

May 29, 2020- Suzanne Guest v. Allstate Insurance Company, No. A-1-CA-38700, Santa Fe County, D-101-CV-2005-01297

May 29, 2020- Augustin Plains Ranch, LLC v. John D'Antonio, P.E., No. A-1-CA-38615, Catron County, D-728-CV-2018-00026

May 29, 2020- State of New Mexico v. James W. Logan, No. A-1-CA-38601, Bernalillo County, D-202-CR-2017-02557

May 29, 2020- A Class RV Storage v. New Mexico Taxation & Revenue Department, No. A-1-CA-38581, ADMIN, 18.03-061A, 18.08-198A, 18.08-199A

May 29, 2020- Jennifer Skeet v. New Mexico Taxation & Revenue Department, No. A-1-CA-38577, ADMIN, 19.04-071A

May 29, 2020- Bank of New York Mellon v. Russell L. Barnes, No. A-1-CA-38554, Santa Fe County, D-101-CV-2013-00293

May 29, 2020- Robert Schoolcraft v. Ross Townsend, No. A-1-CA-38447, Eddy County, D-503-CV-2017-00644

May 29, 2020- U.S. Bank National Association v. Julie Ann Anderson, No. A-1-CA-38339, Santa Fe County, D-101-CV-2012-00454

May 29, 2020- Gabriel M. Vigil v. New Mexico Taxation & Revenue Department, No. A-1-CA-38317, ADMIN, 18.07-167A

May 29, 2020- State of New Mexico v. Yvonne Martinez, No. A-1-CA-38250, Santa Fe County, D-101-CR-2016-00368

May 29, 2020- Citizens Bank v. Erin Burnworth, No. A-1-CA-38241, Roosevelt County, D-911-CV-2018-00380

May 29, 2020- State of New Mexico v. Benjamin Pritchett, No. A-1-CA-38206, Roosevelt County, D-911-CR-2016-00194

May 29, 2020- State of New Mexico v. George Calaguas Bryant, No. A-1-CA-38175, Otero County, D-1215-CR-2014-00510

May 28, 2020- Board of Trustees of La Merced Del Pueblo De Tajique v. Board of County Commissioners of Torrance County, No. A-1-CA-38686, Torrance County, D-722-CV-2019-00033

May 28, 2020- Bertha M. Siquieros Langarcia v. Javier Balderama, No. A-1-CA-38571, Santa Fe County, D-101-DM-2012-00080

May 28, 2020- Wells Fargo Bank v. Joseph C. Duda, No. A-1-CA-38476, Santa Fe County, D-101-CV-2016-00763

May 27, 2020- Peacock Law P.C. v. Denise Jevne, No. A-1-CA-38666, Bernalillo County, D-202-CV-2016-01035

May 27, 2020- Mark Van Buskirk v. City of Raton, No. A-1-CA-38641, Colfax County, D-809-CV-2013-00245

May 22, 2020- State of New Mexico v. Rakeem Haynes, No. A-1-CA-37859, Otero County, D-1215-CR-2017-00570

May 21, 2020- Charles Arasim v. City of Espanola, No. A-1-CA-38278, Rio Arriba County, D-117-CV-2018-00006

May 21, 2020- State of New Mexico v. Victor T. Garcia, Jr., No. A-1-CA-37991, Curry County, D-905-CR-2017-00532

May 20, 2020- Peacock Law P.C. v. Denise Jevne, No. A-1-CA-38416, Bernalillo County, D-202-CV-2016-01035

May 18, 2020- Citimortgage, Inc. v. Lorraine Garcia, No. A-1-CA-38418, Bernalillo County, D-202-CV-2016-02947

May 15, 2020- Kenneth B. Zangara v. LSF9 Master Participation Trust, No. A-1-CA-38169, Bernalillo County, D-202-CV-2018-02476, D-202-CV-2018-06129

May 14, 2020- State of New Mexico v. Clayton Whitehead, No. A-1-CA-38338, Otero County, D-1215-CR-2018-00193

May 13, 2020- New Mexico Environment Department v. New Mexico Occupational Health and Safety Review Commission, No. A-1-CA-38315, Santa Fe County, D-101-CV-2017-01285

May 12, 2020- State of New Mexico v. Mitchell Overhand, No. A-1-CA-38449, Bernalillo County, D-202-CR-2017-03008

May 11, 2020- Charles Benns v. New Mexico Department of Public Safety, No. A-1-CA-38507, Bernalillo County, D-202-CV-2018-04513

May 11, 2020- State of New Mexico v. Vincent Lobato, No. A-1-CA-38306, Bernalillo County, D-202-CR-2017-00472

May 11, 2020- Jose Rios v. Farmers Insurance Company of Arizona, No. A-1-CA-38245, Bernalillo County, D-202-CV-2017-07922

May 11, 2020- Virginia L. Bays v. Westfield Insurance Company, No. A-1-CA-38160, Rio Arriba County, D-117-CV-2018-00058

May 11, 2020- Nuclear Waste Partnership v. Concerned Citizens for Nuclear Safety, No. A-1-CA-37894, Environment Department, HWB 18-19 (P)

May 8, 2020- The Joseph and Alma Miller Revocable Trust v. The Eldorado Area Water and Sanitation District, No. A-1-CA-38276, Santa Fe County, D-101-CV-2015-01808

May 8, 2020- New Mexico Boys and Girls Ranch v. New Mexico Board of Pharmacy, No. A-1-CA-38232, Valencia County, D-1314-CV-2018-00592

May 7, 2020- State of New Mexico v. Cesar Grajeda, No. A-1-CA-38111, Bernalillo County, D-202-CR-2018-00877

May 5, 2020- Angelia Matlock v. Robert Davis, No. A-1-CA-38332, WCA, 18-01601

May 1, 2020- New Mexico State Engineer v. J & C Victor 2006 Trust, No. A-1-CA-38093, Hidalgo County, D-623-CV-2005-00054

May 1, 2020- Rachel Delgado v. David Delgado, No. A-1-CA-38557, Dona Ana County, D-307-DM-2013-01524

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