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May 16, 2018- Arroyo Hondo v. County of Taos, No. A-1-CA-36785, Taos County, D-820-CV-2014-00241

May 14, 2018- State of New Mexico v. R Valdez, No. A-1-CA-36815, San Juan County, D-1116-CR-2017-00174

May 10, 2018- State of New Mexico v. L Stone, No. A-1-CA-36417, Bernalillo County, D-202-CR-2016-00736

May 9, 2018- J Welch v. Premier Oil & Gas Inc., No. A-1-CA-37121, Eddy County, D-503-PB-2012-00036

May 9, 2018- Protest of Golden Services v. New Mexico Taxation & Revenue, No. A-1-CA-36987, ADM, 17-50

May 9, 2018- T Tapia v. J Padilla Sr., No. A-1-CA-36961 cons. w/ A-1-CA-37205, Bernalillo County, D-202-CV-2015-02823

May 9, 2018- State of New Mexico v. P Ward, No. A-1-CA-36913, Dona Ana County, D-307-CR-2016-00208

May 8, 2018- N Urias v. K Nieto, No. A-1-CA-37091, Lea County, D-506-DM-2017-00101

May 7, 2018- State of New Mexico v. C Perez, No. A-1-CA-37025, Bernalillo County, D-202-CR-2016-01952

May 7, 2018- State of New Mexico v. J Dixon, No. A-1-CA-36919, Bernalillo County, D-202-LR-2016-00051

May 4, 2018- R Stewart v. F Dombos, No. A-1-CA-36974, Cibola County, D-1333-CV-2012-00124

May 3, 2018- State of New Mexico v. O Guilez, No. A-1-CA-36756, Otero County, D-1215-CR-2014-00545

May 3, 2018- C Rosenquist v. Genesis, No. A-1-CA-36609, Bernalillo County, D-202-CV-2015-08344

May 3, 2018- F Camacho v. Brand West Dairy, No. A-1-CA-36053, WCA, 16-115

May 1, 2018- L Soderstrom v. Gandy Cargo & Logistics, No. A-1-CA-36945, WCA, 17-54701

May 1, 2018- State of New Mexico v. F Little, No. A-1-CA-36942, San Juan County, D-1116-CR-2010-00577

April 27, 2018- A Medrow v. State of New Mexico Public Education Department, No. A-1-CA-36959, Santa Fe County, D-101-CV-2017-00864

April 27, 2018- State of New Mexico v. J Ibarra, No. A-1-CA-36895, Chaves County, D-504-CR-2016-00118

April 24, 2018- State of New Mexico v. C Salazar, No. A-1-CA-36206, Otero County, D-1215-CR-2010-00040

April 23, 2018- AFSCME Local 2499 v. Board of County Commissioners, No. A-1-CA-37036, Bernalillo County, D-202-CV-2014-04658

April 23, 2018- State of New Mexico v. R Holland, No. A-1-CA-37005, Otero County, D-1215-CR-2016-00255

April 23, 2018- State of New Mexico v. D Goldberg, No. A-1-CA-36621, San Juan County, D-1116-CR-2015-00779

April 18, 2018- M Velasquez v. Regents of Northern New Mexico College, No. A-1-CA-36781, Rio Arriba County, D-117-CV-2015-00169

April 17, 2018- B Brito v. Tex Mex, No. A-1-CA-36908, Santa Fe County, D-101-CV-2015-02425

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